Forum OpenACS Development: logged out resets session cookie on every request on IE?

Testing on IE I am getting a new ad_session_id cookie on every request. This means the user_message feature is not working on an expired login page (for example). Works fine in Firefox.

Has anyone else seen this?

Not exactly the same, but in the same general area:

One detail not included there: it had something to do with the domain name the site was running on. If I had the site running on a temporary domain all was fine, but as soon as I switched it to the official domain this problem would appear. And of course, only in IE.

I eventually gave up; I was moving the site from one system to the other, which didn't absolutely have to be done, and I got tired of chasing my tail. So I never tracked it down. It could have been anything, since I was also moving it to a much newer version of Linux and lots of things were upgraded. Though what any of that could have had to do with the domain name, I never did figure out.