Forum OpenACS Development: Error: Not able to checkout the "cronjob" package

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I tried to checkout the "cronjob" package from the
I followed the following steps:

$ CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs login

$ cvs checkout cronjob

I got an error:
cvs server: cannot find module `cronjob' - ignored
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules

Can anybody please help me on this?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

cvs checkout openacs-4/packages/cronjob

Posted by Iqbal Shirol on
Thanks Gustaf.. It worked perfectly..
Posted by Iqbal Shirol on
But, This cronjob package checks for any crons to be run every minute. If we want it to run a procedure once, only on a particular date. How can we use it?
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Well you'd have to setup a cronjob to run on that day.

It allows setting the month, day, day of week, hour or minute to check and run the job. It is very flexible.

It allows setting jobs similarly to the "cron" *nix package.

Posted by Iqbal Shirol on
Hey Dave,

I know that we can set these things. but what i wanted to minimize, is the load on nsd. As this will run the scheduled cronjob_run proc every minute to check whether there is a cronjob alloted for that time.

So please let me know how can i reduce the effort of knowing about the cronjobs alloted in a particular time span. Instead of this we can run the cronjob_run proc on a paricular required date. Is this possible??

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Your performace concerns are not necessary. The cronjob package has to check regularly, what jobs have to be run at a particular time; to check every minute is very reasonable. This check is very fast and won't kill the performance of your machine. It will run your job only at the specified time.

You can certainly reduce the effort and modify the cron package to run the check e.g. only every hour (or whatever), but this is not worth the effort and won't be noticable on any installation i know.