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Posted by Pol Vilarmau on
I've got a new installation of the old ACS-3.4.x version with oracle
8.1.7 and AOLserver 3.4.2 . When i try to acces via web with my
explorer navigator this is the error that i see.

Request Error
can't read "query": no such variable
    while executing
"ad_returnredirect "[ns_conn location][ns_conn url]$query""


AOLserver/3.4.2 on

I report this error in the Installation/Configuration bboard but
nobody answers it. Maybe was the wrong bboard? Please, if anybody
knows what i'm doing wrong....

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
nobody answered this before b/c you're not giving enough information.  Obviously the query variable isn't set, but we can't tell you why w/o seeing the source for the page it's executing on.
Posted by Pol Vilarmau on
Well, i'm sorry if the information it's no enough but... i think that the problem it's more general. The reported error is visible whatever page i could try to access with my browser.

An exemple...

I tried to make a default.tcl page that don't uses any ArsDigita function with the next code inside:

set page_content "
<tr><td>Your email address:</td></tr>
doc_return  200 text/html $page_content

I just use the "doc_return"

Here there's no variable named "query" and the problem is the same.

Thanks again!

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Pol,

I think its a case of ACS not being able to connect to the database.  Checkout the log file especially during the startup of the aolserver.  What I think you are seeing is coming from the request processor RP.  All page in ACS/OACS must passby the RP.  Since I think (not sure) RP gets some data in the db per request like matching the session to important vars like user_id.

Anyway its been a while since I have touched ACS 3.x but I think there is a good chance on what I am saying maybe valid.  Some other community member may confirm this.