Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problems in installing OpenAcs5.6.0 (Aolserver 4.5,Postgres 8.4,Tcl 8.5,Ubuntu Lucid Lynx)

Maybe you have multiple aolservers on your system, and the one in question does not have this directory.

Concerning ns_getfrom:
/var/lib/aolserver/schoolacs/packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/index.tcl calls ad_page_contract (first line). The definition of ad_page_contract uses ns_getform, which causes the error message.

Javascript is not related to the problem.

by paths, i was referring to the tcl load paths (which can be altered by the environment variable TCLLIBPATH, you should not do that), Check from Tcl the variable $::auto_path (e.g. in the index.tcl file, write out ns_log notice "auto_path $::auto_path".