Forum .LRN Q&A: Tracking sudents school books, calculators, etc

Q. Does .LRN and the ability to do track items provided from the school to the student?

In schools, K1 through k-12, students are provided books, calculators, etc. for the semester. At the end of the semester, the student gives these items back to the school.

Currently, this is a very slow manual process (handouts and returns) and is extremely pron to errors.

assumptions - students has a school ID that a barcode could be place on.

data input/output -
students last name
student number
calculator serial number,
books serial number .
Date each item was issued.
Date each item was return,
Condition of item.
all data would be input via barcode using a scanner.

Bar code data would be created and printed by the school and place on each item being given to the student.

Note:RFID instead of barcode would be the real ticket.