Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Call for Volunteers: Redesign inside and out

I really like this logo:

Great idea Nick (asking Dorian).

We should go with that logo and a clean css based look.

Here is a tableless example:

It is a clean css based design. I put it together an hour or two ago (before the OpenSolaris link) based on something I worked on with a colleague for a medical site at work. Take the css list based menu for the menu at the top of the page from my example, take the logo from Dorian, and plug it into the OpenSolaris example (which provides a place for the teasers we have for forums, news, etc.) and we have a new design (the OpenSolaris site is a table free design and seems to work well). After we get a new site master up we can start reorganizing the content.

Thanks for starting the thread Dave.


P.S. I do not think we should drop the Open in OpenACS, but I am not in the mood for bikeshedding. If the masochistic renaming plan does continue I do hope it results in something totally different (would be a waste otherwise: Oaks, OACS, OpenACS... we have all been there and done that).