Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Call for Volunteers: Redesign inside and out

Quoting Nick:

``There is certainly a lot of work to be done, and I agree that not all of the effort should be applied to aesthetics. If you think content is of value to you, then how about contributing in that area?''

I would be more than happy to contribute to the content and help improve the access to informatin via the website. Where is the plan? What areas need to be improved? What is the overall goal?

Personally I can not help define those goals because I seldom use the website. I just use my experiences and expertise to overcome any problems I have.

Is this just going to be a reorg of the current information or will a new plan to improve documentation and informatin be done. This is a large question.

Many areas of documentation on the site involve pointing to forum threads for people to read. While I don't like the practice it does provide a level of uniformity to the site and encourage the forums to be visited. Is this practice to be continued or will information from the threads be rewritten into a document, citing the forum thread if further information might be needed or for research value.

There also is the question of how the documentation will be contributed and editted. Will there be and editoral process that is followed? Should there be? Will there be a translation requirement for documentation?

At this point there many issues that need to be discussed, and I am not alone in thinking this:

Right now things are not as simple as "contribute", it needs to be fixed so contributions can be useful.

I can't offer to coordinate the project, I don't have the time or information, but I can contribute to the discussion and will contribute once a reasonable plan is in place.