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Posted by Piedad Pinzon on
Good morning,

THis is Piedad PInzon. I am currently conducting a research on open source LCMS and with regards to dotLRN I have some questions:

1. In terms of developers, how many different roles do you have? For instance, is there a release manager or test manager? Is there a chief architect?

2. Does MIT use Ilias? If so, how many users can we count?

3. How many core developers does dotLRN have?

Thanks for your answers.

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Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Dear Piedad
1. We have a release manager (Joel Aufrecht).
We also have a number of people who advise in different areas. Check the list of advisors: and
the board of directors:

2. (I do not know about MIT's use of Ilias)

3. According to our CVS records 15 developers have contributed code reccently ( but I think that the real number of developers is at least 3 times larger since most people contribute code in other ways and then this is commited by one of these 15. According to this web site we post new code every 2 hours while the well know Mono (open source implementation of .NET) project has a posting every 33min, only 4 times larger.

The release manager and core developers normally try to meet online every week. You are welcome to join us in the next one.