Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting the source out of sites

Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
Most of the following is conjecture as I haven't been able to meet up with anyone in the OpenACS community except the people work with. I hope it will help anyway.

Most of us have some code which would be useful to others. The problems of it being "a bit hacked together" or "not generalized enough" are very common. Now how to get around these problems. What about this for a win-win situation: If I'm looking for some particular functionality and you have it. We need to be able to find each other, then I can take the raw code (and docs) and use it under the following conditions - I will generally spruce it up and generalize it. Then I will give it back to you and the community. If this takes less time for me than building the thing from scratch then we all win.