Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How would you learn OpenACS

Posted by Louis Gabriel on
How about having an education section like the old with (at least to begin) the old problem sets and a support forum like the old web/db.  That might be a good start for a resource section for learners.

AFAIK, hasn't put the old TCL problem set stuff from Arsdigita online yet.  Having a central repository of boot camp, problem set 0 and PS1-5 centraly located at is preferable, IMO, than having it scattered all over the web wherever folks can find it.  New people do still come along and read "The Book".

The old problem sets may be out of date from what openacs is today, but surely they would be useful to some who come along.  The boot camp/PS zero, PS1-5 route would *still* provide a guided learning track for newbies....and they do already exist --- somewhere....

Heck, for historical reasons alone this would be nice.

My 2/100's of a dollar,