Forum OpenACS Development: Response to best place for images?

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Arjun, I'm not sure I follow your suggestion to use "[pageroot]/www/graphics" since the AOLserver pageroot typically contains the www part.

Either way, I propose

with the latter being used for shared graphics.

Putting all the graphics under the same directory makes life a lot easier when you want to set up special rules for image files (say, in a hardware switch in front of your servers). Putting them under the pageroot in particular has the nice effect of not requiring the site-node machinery. This will help if we decide one day to put a little hook into the request processor that says "if the URL starts with /graphics, just serve the file".

Doing things this way will mean some changes to APM, which wants to put all files associated with a package under ${serverroot}/packages/${package-key}. But I think it's the right solution.