Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How to stop xowiki::Form rendering entered HTML literally

Hi Rick, i guess, there is some markup in the line with "Last Minute Mod".

If you want to show always the same markup, put it into the template of the form (around @pagetext_hdg01@). if you want to render content without html escaping, add "show_raw_value=1" to the form field spec.



Thank you so much, I felt sure there would be a way but I couldn't find it.

The second option is the one I need because I just need to make a slight alteration to one instance of a form which is only needed once and therefore doesn't warrant a whole new xowiki::Form to achieve it.

All of the rest of my markup is done by the first method.

Many thanks

Oh I see. Yes you're quite correct. OpenACS stripped that too!

<span class="oneoffadjustment">That which is to be adjusted.</span>

was what I meant!