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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Robert, has your traffic gone up? That would be one likely reason why your AOLserver process is now tending to use more RAM than it used to.

Dave is right, 120 MB is pretty small, and is a tiny amount of RAM these days. Keep in mind that some parts of AOLserver were purposely designed to be somewhat wasteful of memory in order to run faster.

But if you need it small, cutting down your number of connection threads to a minimum is probably the main way. Also configure things so that idle connection threads will eventually exit, rather than hanging around taking up RAM. You might also try un-installing any OpenACS packages (and thus their Tcl code) that you don't actually need.

The main thing though, is find out where your AOLserver process is actually using its RAM... Depending on what applications you're running, it could be various different things. Then hit a development server with a similar load, verify that it's using up RAM in a similar way, so you can then measure how much you save without taking down and/or waiting for traffic on your Production site.