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4: Re: memory usage (response to 1)
Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
The sad reality is that you will need more.

You may as well "bite the bullet" now and either look for a new host or upgrade to their larger hosting plan, perhaps one with 512MB RAM.

In AOLserver's defense, though, it can handle a lot of traffic and usage without growing much more; it is just that its initial footprint is larger.

5: Re: memory usage (response to 4)
Posted by robert parker on
I changed :
maxconnections from 100 down to 50
maxthreads 10 down to 6
minthreads from 5 down to 3

After a restart of aolserver :
at 01:00 the rss was 104656,
at 08:40 the rss was 119880,
at 20:33 the rss was 132588

In that time there have been no more than 130 page requests

The environment has not changed recently, so I'm struggling to explain why I'm getting over-usage now. Maybe in the past the hosting went down frequently enough to mask the issue with over usage.