Forum OpenACS Q&A: Getting rid of IE's headers/footers when printing

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When printing web pages using IE, it adds headers and footers like
the URL, the date, page x of y, etc.

Is there a way to put something in your web page that causes it to
not print those things? I know I can go into File > Page Setup and
change it there, but then I have to change i back again afterwards.

The reason is that I want to print letters and other such stuff
through the browser.

Posted by Jade Rubick on
In my experience, you either have to set it manually, or do it
through an external means like Reportlab's PDF creation. If you
have the time, I would look into Reportlab as an option -- it
allows you to create PDF files, and gives you more control of
your output. It does have a learning curve, however.

If you decide you're interested in this, look for my "more control of
output" thread.

Posted by Lars Pind on
Thanks, you're probably right. Even thought I don't need to control output any more than simply getting rid of the header and footer, this does look like something worth looking into.