Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: compiling OMSI PASCAL programs in DEC RT57XM monitor

Posted by Don Baccus on
MUMPS! Yeah, baby ...

PDP-7 was an 18 bit descendent of DEC's first computer. That lineage goes PDP-1/7/9/15.

The 12-bit line - first personal computer available that cost less than $50,000 - goes PDP-5/8[a bunch of 8s].

Then of course there was the old 36 bit big computer that derived from Ken Olsen's graduate days at MIT ... the PDP-6/10 series.

Those were the days. Computers had lights on them, often lots of lights. And you could program them! :) :)

Nothing, though, beats the console of an old CDC 3300 that was available to me after high school. I wanted to steal the console on display at the Frei University in Berlin.

The PC took the romance out of computers ... instead of blinking lights we can program we have ... OFFICE! YUK!