Forum OpenACS Q&A: Any current instructions for using Postfix instead of Qmail?

I'm moving some OpenACS sites to a system that's already running Postfix, and I really, really don't want to interfere with that. Besides, replacing Postfix with qmail seems like going backwards at this point. However, we need notifications to work.

I've searched the forums and it looks like several people wrote guides for converting notifications over to using Postfix back in 2004, but the links to them are dead. Does anyone have a copy of such a document that they could post or email to me? Or at least have some pointers on how to do this? I would hate to charge the client for me to figure this out all over again when it has obviously been done already many times.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks Dave! I did check the wiki but I was looking for Postfix specifically. Guess I should have looked for more generic terms.