Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Suggestion - xowiki includelets

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
There was already a flag "-id" for the includelets, but it was not passed correctly (just fixed this). The handling of the css classes is more complicated, since the rendering of the includelts is governed by the "-decoration portlet|edit|pain|rightbox|none" flag.

xowiki sets already a CSS class for all includelet content depending on the class of the includelet. E.g. for the includelet "available-includelets", it uses the CSS class "available-includelets". If would be certainly possible to use multiple classes, but i have not had the need so far.

I am not sure about adding a "cssstyle", since it requires editing of the pages, when the styles are changed. It is better to use css classes....

Posted by Richard Hamilton on

I confess that I had missed the significance of the '-style plain' parameter. Since first working with CSS and xowiki, I had been using '-style none'.

{{available-includelets -id rhtest -decoration plain}}


<div id='rhtest' class='available-includelets'>

This means you could have multiple instances of an includelet on a single page and style them either consistently or uniquely.

That's really powerful. :-)