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17: Re: xowiki Folder Object (response to 16)
Posted by Richard Hamilton on

That is strange. I have just tried this again by creating a test form with a single field on it. I have copied your code from the forum post and I receive this error:

Error in field Form Constraints: Form constraint contains invalid characters

Could it be that the form validation on my setup is different for some reason? Is your form validation set to the default?

Content:  @test_var@

Form:  <form>@test_var@</form>

Form Constraints:  {test_var:richtext,editor=xinha,javascript=
xinha_config.toolbar = [
    ['popupeditor'__COMMA__ 'bold'__COMMA__'italic'__COMMA__'createlink'__COMMA__'insertimage'__COMMA__'separator']__COMMA__


18: Re: xowiki Folder Object (response to 17)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
you are right, it should complain, but does not on my local machine... i have always a lot of experimental code hanging around, so there must be somewhere a bad interaction...