Forum OpenACS Development: Re: upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 documentation

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on

I am trying to run layout-manager and layout-managed-subsite pakcages on kernel oacs-5.5.1.

layout-managed-subsite is fine. Its dependencies are acs-subsite v. 5.5.0d8.
layout-manager v. 1.1.0

The problem is layout-manager package. Its dependencies are
openacs-default-theme v. 5.5.0d1
acs-kernel v. 5.5.0d1
acs-tcl 5.6.0d3

I'd rather to just update my system from 5.5 to 5.6 using the official updgrade scripts.
However, the code is forked and now i can't follow the standard and correct process.

Are the updates from act-tcl 5.5 to acs-tcl 5.6 too much stuff that i couldn't grab only the respective part that interests me to run layout-manager package?

Hope for a miracle!

Posted by Dave Bauer on
You might be able to just install acs-tcl. It should not have any database upgrades, but of course, might expect some other code from 5.6 packages. It is worth a try though.

Overall I suggest you upgrade to 5.6 core packages at least. I am not sure what parts of core you have forked or what has changed but it should be possible to upgrade. That is the best plan if you want to use the layout manager.