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as of this writing there is a bot which is spewing random garbage, on the IRC channel which is used to chat about openacs and also for OCT meetings.

I went ahead and joined #freenode (irc staff channel) and requested assistance; they tried to get him to go away voluntarily, but couldn't justify using "overwhelming force" to remove him because "freenode/staff/*" is not on the access list, there is no staff and no stated channel policy, and for whatever reason the problem user has decided to bother only (our) one channel, hence the freenode staff cannot justify this as being a "network issue" and consider it only a "channel issue", and they have hands-off rules for problems that don't get serious enough to apply force to remove the individual causing the problem.

Also as of this writing we have Jayne and Martinp23 visiting to monitor the situation; they are both freenode staff.

We might want to consider adding freenode staff to the channel access list, a condition that might tip the scales next time such an issue occurs. Also, Jayne said something about there being no channel founder, and wasn't sure if there was a group registration pending for openacs/#openacs; we might want to consider finding out about those things, and/or taking actions along those lines.

For now, I want to recommend to each person who visits #openacs to avoid interacting with the problem user in any way, to see if he just goes away, and to that end I'll suggest the following command issued to your irc client:

/ignore Mr_hagglefinger!*@* all

and enjoy the silence.


Posted by Jim Lynch on
OK, the bot is gone, left himself after freenode staff "/quieted" him...

The future-reference things above still apply, along with suggested actions to take.


Posted by Victor Guerra on
FYI I submitted a group registration for OpenACS a month ago but we are still in the process of getting an answer from staff. Hopefully we hear from them soon.