Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: compiling OMSI PASCAL programs in DEC RT57XM monitor


Thats right r0-r15 could be address or data registers compared to a0-a7/d0-d7 on MC68000

re your comments about decrement and increment in C being direct relation to the underlying assembly language, what about LINK and UNLINK on the 68000, their main purpose was to preserve registers en-masse and really where there as far as I can see as a convenience for compiler writers!!

Still very good, if fast fading memories.

I was lucky to even get the PDP-11 experience I started with them in 1988 (aged 17), when in most other industries they where already 'OLD' technology.

Because of the lack of instruction cache, there where some amazing examples of self modifying code. ditto for the 68000. With the advent of the 68020 and associated instruction cache, such things became bad practice.

Nice trip down memory lane