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Posted by Maurizio Martignano on
Dear all,
I've just compiled version 1.21 (13th of December 2010) of Windows-OpenACS: please pay attention to the name, which is not any longer Win32-OpenACS but Windows-OpenACS. Why? Because now the system runs natively on both x86 and x64 versions on Windows!!!

This version contains:
1. aolserver-4.5.1 – including ***
1.1. nssha1 ***
1.2. nspostgres 4.1 ***
1.3. nsoracle 2.8a1 ***
2. tcl-8.5.8 ***
3. tk-8.5.8 ***
4. tDom-0.8.2 ***
5. xotcl-1.6.6 ***
6. thread-2.6.5 ***
7. tcllib-1.12
8. postgresql-8.2.18-1 libpq ***
9. openssl-0.9.8.k ***
10. openacs-5.6.0
11. xowiki-0.133
12. dotlrn-2.5.0
13. External binaries:
a. wget –
b. convert, cp, cvs, diff, ftp, gzip, iconv, ln, ls, mkdir, mv, pdftk, ps, rm, rmdir, sh, shutdown, tar –
c. htmldoc –
d. trml2pdf –

To be more precise only the items with three stars have been compiled to run natively on both x86 and x64 platforms. PostgreSQL and the external binaries are still Win32 applications. When OpenACS becomes compatible with PostgreSQL 9.x and above and when Mingw-x64 becomes a mature development platform, it will be possible to convert also these software components into Win64 applications.

The port can be obtained at the following URL: