Forum OpenACS Q&A: Should we depreciate chat package?

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks,

It's now about 3 years after I posted my initial message. We have 3 or 4 different chat packages in CVS, but the core distribution still does not have a functional chat service that will install from the start. Who's got an idea how to solve this? I am now using a shoutbox pasted into ETP.

I can't help getting a feeling this problem has been solved a few times, but never commited to the core. It worked in OACS 3.25, so what's the problem? Surely Jabber is only for uebergeeks sofar and in any case overkill for simple communication, so relating Jabber to Openacs chat seems no longer an issue. Chat is simple speak, Jabber is an al-inn communication sollution.

In order to solve this I suggest we check with the community what workarounds have been created, but never commited. I remember a few posts from universities looking into the issue. The tips & Hints blog can be used for that.

Alternatively, we dump the chat module!! .... and concentrate on getting Jabber working form a default install.

In a broader perspective, since it's likely many folks will be using IM services, enhancing /pvt home with clickable links to public systems like Gtalk, AIM, MSN, YAHOO and Skype, connected to "who's on-line" might be an alternative route.

If users indicate a prefered communication channel in their profile related to "I am online". It's not ideal, but better than a broken jabber and a broken chat package.
It would save time in coding, documenting and make it easier for newbies to connect to OpenACS!