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Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on

excellent idea,

I feel we really should just START, make simple things, rather than great plans which will remain plans only, it is that simple, and to be honest, simple clean-up doesn't require "resources", it is rather matter of DECISION, and as Joe explained, persistent lack of simple clean-up can be a source of real, BIG problems for OACS development and community

I am really new here, so have a problem: who is really, personally, responsible and able to make decisions here? community? governance body? there is no such person, it has to be real person, discussions are nice, but there are many little things where discussion is pointless, only decision and quick action resolves "problem"

as far as I understand situation here, after reading everything about OpenACS 24h a day during last week, the problem is: too much Perfectionism, yes, too much - I know this really well since it refers to me, also

if you are interested, too much Perfectionism leads to having ultra-excellent code, which almost nobody knows about, because you have "forgot", or even doesn't care about these "unimportant" details, while the rest of the world see only those "unimportant" details and thinks in a really simple way: "there can't be anything good behind such chaos on the front" - end of story

please let me know where and how can I (as completely novice) help, it really hurts me seeing such a great engine "in shadow" while thousands of LAMP world people still reinvents the whell - daily!