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Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on

I agree with some points, but let me explain some of my points to make the picture more clear

as of "management" - it is obvious we are not talking about management in a corporate sense, it is rather about community leadership, where - because of project/code complexity - it is impossible to make things moving on only by occassional volunteers, working almost independently on their "islands" of code

look what Torben posted here:

in short: yes, it seems we are "reinventing" old ideas here, all this was discussed many times, in detail, and here is the problem: there is large codebase, there is HUGE discussions base, ideas, started efforts, etc. but mostly never completed

I can imagine, reading Lars explanation why he leaved OACS, all this current chaos is not simply because there is too big codebase and too little development team, I wish it could be that simple

but at this point I have to repeat myself, please, don't start (at this point) any fundamental discussion, there were many such HUGE discussions in the past, with almost none result

please START with SIMPLE things, make simple spring-cleanup, it doesn't require any changes in codebase or community structure, and AFTER comeback to harder problems

why I am repeating this call for spring-clean-up on surface level before starting with these harder parts ?

simple, to avoid further looking as almost dead project and dead community, and dead website, to breakthru that feeling that there is no chance to change anything for better

I have strong feeling the problem is not too large codebase and too little developers base, the problem is:

too little people believes in OpenACS future !!!

Lars lost his vision about OACS, he lost any hope anything can be done here, and this is why he quit

give them hope and simple facts, let them see it CAN happen !!!