Forum OpenACS Development: Re: POST Method can be broken when using host node map

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi everybody,

Sorry to bring this thread back, but I've just upgraded my system to oacs-5-5 and the problem came back. I didn't remember what I've done to fix this, and lost some days again in the work. I have two solutions for the problem wich should include to patch request processor, and I wanted to know your toughts on this:

1 - Fix the ad_conn problem;

2 - Serve always singleton packages.

Fix the ad_conn means that the URL shown by ad_conn will always be the URL from request, even if we are in a subsite. It seems the best behavior on this case to me and solve the POST problem I've mentioned.

Serve the singleton packages mean that singleton packages should be served on all subsites. If it doesn't happen an user doesn't have how to change his locale, as an example.

You can see the full patch here on the bug I've posted on bugtracker:

Let me know if you have any comments on this. Also let me know if we can get these changes into kernel.

Best regards