Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Why don't use OpenACS ?

Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on
Attention! yet another barbarian here 😊

Anyone here really interested why OpenACS is still "in shadow", while at the same time has NO competition?

Joe answered above!

The problem is: you have made brilliant, awesome, powerful engine, but you live in your own world, you really don't care about "market" (besides .LRN probably), you completely don't care about people as me, as Joe - end users

so please, stop hoping that better logo, better design and better content will change anything, it will NOT happen

please, don't take it as offense, since all I want is to show you how you are looking in outside world eyes

developers, community leaders, please print below excerpt and read it every morning 😉

" If the OACS development toolkit is what is all about and applications are just for fun, the website and the policy needs to say so. I chose OpenACS because it appeared to be a set of pre-written applications that worked together. I wasn't looking for a toolkit.
The vast selection of packages is what makes OpenACS attractive at all to users like me. There is nothing else in OpenACS that makes me want to use it over something in Perl like Catalyst or Mason, or, if I'm to learn a new language, RoR or Seaside. If the packages do not matter to the OpenACS developers, OACS is not for me.

I love OpenACS!