Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: you always have two options

Posted by Adam Aggeusz Jaworski on

I agree, "Logos and brand identity are not a waste of time", but when you have that level of chaos, confusing information, broken packages, you have something to do _before_ you can expect new logo will make OACS famous

this is not a rocket science, I would like to see fresh, clean design, logo and content here, but market says market wants something different first, market wants working apps, not just new framework release, not just new logo

you always have two options: listen what market wants, or guessing what market wants

if you have to see this yourself, nobody can stop you, but why not to take this opportunity to avoid further frustration being "in the shadow" ?

please continue with redesign efforts, it is also very important, but don't think this will change anything in the near future if you will not put some effort to simple spring clean up here as explained in many posts