Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Why do you use OpenACS and .LRN?

Posted by Abelardo Pardo on
"Where is the OpenACS test server? Is it being maintained? By whom?"

Al, Eduardo Pérez is maintaining a test server in:

It is hosted at UC3M Madrid. It installs from scracth every certain interval the latest version of the code and runs a few tests. It's got 2 instances of 3 branches (stable 5.2, old stable 5.1 and HEAD) per database (Oracle, PostGreSQL).

Eduardo has been collecting tests and fixes over several months. What is very enlightening to me is that due to him monitoring these tests some bugs were found introduced by (expert) developers "improving" packages. He usually ends up notifying the author about the newly introduced bug (which usually he/she is not aware of).

I guess this stresses the fact that unless every single developer regularly uses the testing methodology, it'll be difficult to remove this perception that bugs are never being fixed.