Forum OpenACS Q&A: Installing OACS 5.1.5 on OpenBSD

Hello everybody

Today , while I was installing OACS 5.1.5 On OpenBSD 3.7 with openbsd-packaged postgresql 7.4.3 and openbsd-packaged TCL 8.4, I discovered some problems:

1) Tcl ports/packages produce errors while compiling Aolserver. I had to install Tcl 8.4.12 from source.
2) after completing the install and started OACS 5.1.5 , nsd crashed after some clicks on the site with a memory alloc/realloc error.
I've upgraded to OpenBSD 3.8 , removed postgresql 7.4.3 and installed postgresql 7.4.10 from source , recompiled everything without any results.
The solutions was to edit etc/login.conf, with the values:

in the default section.

Now it's everything ok.

Installing OpenBSD 3.8 with Postgresql 8.0.3 and Openacs 5.2.0 causes the problem (1) but not the problem (2).

Hoping somebody find these informations useful.