Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: RedHat Postfix or QMail for OpenAcs 5.x

Posted by Joe Cooper on
Hey guys,

I wish I could take the credit for Webmin. I'm not unknown in the Webmin community and I've been working on it and with it for many years, but Jamie Cameron is the head honcho and, by far, the fellow deserving of credit for Webmin. I did write the book, though. 😉

But, I agree that Webmin is super-cool, and it does provide a GUI for .forward files and every other possible administration task you would ever need to do on a UNIX/Linux system--there are literally hundreds of modules for Webmin. In fact, whenever I see a question that begins, "I need a web-based tool for..." I know the answer is gonna be Webmin. And, because it includes extensive and really flexible ACLs, you can easily pull out everything that you don't want, if you find that the whole of Webmin is overkill.

Usermin might be ideal for Bob, since it allows users to edit their own forward files without having to create Webmin accounts for them. Because it only provides user-level access, one can safely let users have at it, without having to lock anything down with ACLs--it is targeted towards providing webmail, forwarding and auto-replies, spam filter configuration, database editing, procmail filters, file upload/download, etc. Any of the modules can be disabled, if even Usermin is too powerful or complex. Of course, one needs Webmin to be able to configure Usermin. Like OpenACS, the vast size of Webmin and its siblings can be intimidating. My book probably doesn't cover everything you'd ever want to do, but it's a nice survey course. If you run into problems there are good sources for help, as well. There are forums about Webmin, Usermin and Virtualmin over at (which is my OpenACS site, and the reason I'm here), and there is a friendly and active mailing list at .