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6: Re: xowiki issue (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The following change should provide the wanted rendering
7: Re: xowiki issue (response to 6)
Posted by Michael Martí Menzel on
Thanks so much, Gustaf. That's great! (and sorry again for my confusing last message - I forgot to switch to plain text again).

While we are at it, I have another small issue. I'm using Postgresql v. 8.4. I think it is not the recommended version for OpenACS 5.6, but it works fine for me.

I just had to make a change related to database issues in xowiki so far.

In www/admin/list.tcl I had to change this database query, because apparently PG v. 8.4 doesn't like queries without fully qualified column names when more than one table is involved (my guess):


  select object_id from syndication s, cr_items ci
  where object_id = ci.live_revision and parent_id = :folder_id


  select s.object_id from syndication s, cr_items ci
  where s.object_id = ci.live_revision and parent_id = :folder_id



8: Re: xowiki issue (response to 7)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
PostgreSQL does not have a problem with this as long as the attributes are uniquely defined. We have xowiki with this query running on many versions of PostgreSQL without any problems; on my local machine, i have currently pg 9.0.1. Can it be that that you are using ]po[ and that ]po[ uses a modified datamodel? Just guessing.

Anyhow, if it helps you, i'll modify the query, being more specific never hurts.

9: Re: xowiki issue (response to 8)
Posted by Michael Martí Menzel on
You guessed it right. I'm using ]PO[, and I had not suspected that it might be the reason...
Thanks again for your help.