Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Install OpenACS on Debian with apt-get

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Thanks to the Debian install wiki I was able to get a new OpenACS site running on multiple ports in less than an hour (including the time it took me to tar/compress move, and untar/uncompress around 1+gb of files from my old server to the new).

We should probably make a decision on runit vs. daemontools though and add a section on postfix (which seems to have already ousted qmail around here).

I found the daemontools install to be simple as pie, because of a convenient package called daemontools-installer:

blesius:~# apt-get install daemontools-installer
blesius:~# build-daemontools

(I selected the standard DJB locations in the install dialog and sym linked the daemontools directories and I was finished)

Any others happy with runit as a daemontools replacement? In the interest of packaging and simple install it makes sense, but I would like to hear a little more anecdotal evidence before using it in production and adding it to the documentation.


P.S. Unless there are objections I am going to add a section on postfix.