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Posted by Alessandro Landim on
Hi Malte,

I created a DimDim integration with .LRN, called webmeetings package. I believe that to change this integration to the BigBlueBotton you need to change only the URLs in the code, because the API is similar to the DIMDIM.


To create an room, in DimDim you need this URL: http://yourdomain/dimdim/html/envcheck/connect.action?action=host&email=$user(email)&confKey=$webmeeting_key&displayName=$full_name&confName=$webmeeting_subject&lobby=false&networkProfile=2&meetingHours=5&meetingMinutes=0&maxParticipants=100&presenterAV=$one_webmeeting(type_key)&maxAttendeeMikes=3&returnUrl=[ad_url][ad_conn url]&whiteboardEnabled=true&screenShareEnabled=true

In BigBlueButton you need this:

You can see all the URLs to manipulate the software here:

Get the webmeetings package here: