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9: Re: OpenACS clusters (response to 8)
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Claudio,

I'm glad everything is working ok. The problems you can see are going to happen when the first threads die and the system tries to create them again, usually a situation you can see only in production environments.

Keep an eye on possible memory leaks and make sure you use Gustaff's patch for background delivery. This is the feature in OpenACS that makes the best performance improvement so far.

Best regards

10: Re: OpenACS clusters (response to 9)
Posted by Maurizio Martignano on
Dear Eduardo,
I like the part where you mention "memory leaks"...
All the mechanism described by Claudio is exactly a way of coping with the memory leaks present in web/application servers and offer anyhow to the end customers highly available systems. This is better described here: