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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

You are most likely refering to the problem reported by Klaus Hofeditz.

The SOMENAME_i and SOMENAME_x views are generated automatically from OpenACS. The logic concerning cr_text is not specific to xowiki (see e.g. cr_revisionsi). I have never seen anyone be able to insert to this table; can it be that there are some changes in the datamodel of PO?

Below are the standard definitions of cr_text that show that the database prohibits all inserts to this table.

All the best
Gustaf Neumann

oacs=# \d cr_text
    Table "public.cr_text"
  Column   | Type | Modifiers 
 text_data | text | 
    cr_text_tr BEFORE INSERT ON cr_text FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE cr_text_tr()

oacs=# \df++ cr_text_tr
List of functions
-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+--------------------------------------------------------------------
Schema              | public
Name                | cr_text_tr
Result data type    | trigger
Argument data types | 
Type                | trigger
Volatility          | volatile
Owner               | nsadmin
Language            | plpgsql
Source code         | 
                    : begin
                    :    raise EXCEPTION '-20000: Inserts are not allowed into cr_text.';
                    :    return new;
                    : end;
Description         |