Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ANN: acs-kernel port to MS-SQL Server

Posted by leigh silvester on
I wish I had found this a couple of months ago!!

Have just spent a load of time figuring out plpgsql and converting this to run on MS SQL.

Oh well, it has been intersting to look at your code and see how it compares to what I have com up with.

Have you progressed any further with this?

Posted by John Sequeira on

No -- I haven't progressed on it further and don't expect to.

With any kind of automated translation project like this you hit the point of diminishing returns, and after I taught myself the basics of parse tree rewriting and got the acs-core done, I hit that point. Anything beyond that would just have created a maintenance job (keeping pg+mssql+oracle in sync) that neither I nor anyone else really wanted.

If I were looking to port a great deal of the acs kernel code (or beyond) in the future, I might look to some of the vendor tools for doing this. Microsoft now has a free Oracle Migration toolkit, for example, ( and other commercial ones exist. You might try begging a license from them for use in open source projects.