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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your support, I m writing to get some help about openacs, this is the situation:

We have recently bought some cpe device to add to our network (im working on a WiMax isp enterprice). Those CPEs are managed by either TR-069 or OMA protocols. I convinced my boss to try some opensource ACS to manage the cpes instead of buying some expensive solution.Here are the questions:

Is it possible to build an ACS using openacs?

Is there an specific application to run TR-069 or OMA protocols with openacs?

Are these applications mature enough to work on production enviroment?

Ok... thats all... I will be installing openacs on my debian machine and will be waitting for some answer, bye all,

Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
I think you are confused. The "ACS" in OpenACS is "ArsDigita Community System", not "Access Control System".

I would check if your units can do RADIUS or TACACS, for which there are mature open source implementations.

Posted by Hal Heisler on
It is possible to build an "Auto Configuration Service" that manages equipment using http/soap based protocols with OpenACS. I'm guessing that is what you are looking for based on this wikipedia article.

I am not aware of any OpenACS applications that implement an auto configuration service using TR-069 or OMA protocols. If you build one it might be the first for OpenACS.

Posted by w c on
The confusion is due to the other project with the same name: