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Posted by b a on
Hello All,

I am a beginner on OpenACS. I need to understand a bit the data model for a task assigned to me.

My company has an HR website built on OpenACS and my task is to get a list of people working in my company and the file path of their CVs.

Currently I am trying to find out how the FS_FILES and PERSON tables are linked to each other. Could anyone pls. explain this?

Thx in advance,

Best Regards,

Posted by Kenneth Wyrick on

I use the openacs everyday....i'm fielding business interests who are now looking for reference materials or dialog about the capabilities of the
OACS data-model and it's systems design specifications...

both simple and complex.

i'm excited about finally getting my first project-open online where i can now subject it to doing what it says it will do.

I'm curious to see how well PO is mapped to. ecom, dotlrn and dotfolio and other packages.

I also hope the guy who made the initial post here, in April did get some feedback