Forum OpenACS Development: update package type

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
I created a new package as apm_service and now I have to change it to apm_application in order to make the directory www/ acessible.

How do properly I update the package type.

I tried to use
SELECT apm_package_type__update_type (
'intranet-fs', -- package_key
null, -- pretty_name
null, -- pretty_plural
null, -- package_uri
'apm_application', -- package_type
null, -- initial_install_p
null, -- singleton_p
null, -- implements_subsite_p
null, -- inherit_templates_p
null, -- spec_file_path
null -- spec_file_mtime

The package_type was successfully updated but the www/ directory is still unaccessible

How do open www/ to the web


2: Re: update package type (response to 1)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Uninstall the service, edit the info file to use apm_application. Then reinstall the package.
3: Re: update package type (response to 2)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Yes, I already did that.

But I want also be able to update it.

So far, I see the table apm_packages is involved. But I have not idea what else could be so.

Is apm_packages used only for mounted applications?