Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Call for Volunteers: Redesign inside and out

you guys overshooting the problem by a wide margin i think.

it is far more important to get the infrastructure in place to allow us to do cms like things and add/remove useful features and content before doing a full blown redesign.

website design is a task entirely separate from website utility, and frankly it's a one person job.

website utility on the other hand is something that requires quite a bit more work and thought and this is where we need to spend more time.

here is the set of tasks that we need to focus on:

1. get something like xowiki in place. this will allow everyone to keep the entire site content fresh. i understand it is possible to do this now if you have permission to do so, but hopefully xowiki will give us some facilities between a cms and a wiki. that should make it easy to keep various pages fresh, delegate responsibility over sections of the site and hold people accountable.

2. once xowiki is up and running, we need one todo like page up and running with all the infrastructure/content changes that need to take place. it would let everyone brainstorm and keep track of ideas and then allow us to pick off all the ideas one by one. it could be as simple as a wiki page, or as complicated as a full blown project management tool.

3. once we have used xowiki/whatever for a while and know its nuances and have expanded the utility factor of the website by perhaps enhancing our ability to manage documentation, get tutorials up faster, add more resources for people trying to learn/step into oacs ... then we can look at a site wide redesign.

dave no pressure on the site i know you are working on that. i am volunteering to maintain as much content as you guys need and look at proposing website changes as soon as you guys are ready.