Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: webDAV Authentication Difficulties

Posted by Brian Fenton on

I can confirm that I got OpenACS Webdav working fine a couple of years back with a Windows XP PC, so I guess it's probably a Windows 7 issue.


Posted by Richard Hamilton on

Thanks for the reply. I found this TechNet article that seems to confirm that Windows 7 and Windows Vista both ship with 'Basic Authentication' switched off. This article details how to switch it back on again:



Switching it back on is a little involved and has unknown consequences for security beyond webDAV, so I would like to establish whether openACS webDAV support can be configured to use digest authentication. If not, as it is written in tcl it is not beyond the realms of possibility that I could add it, but I'd probably need some guidance for sources of information.


Posted by Dave Bauer on

Digest Authentication is inherently insecure so, while it will be easier to work with Windows 7 clients, you will still need to use SSL to secure the system. That's the main reason we did no bother with digest authentication when the WebDAV support was built.