Forum OpenACS Development: cvs repository - can't checkout some modules

Could it be that there's a problem with repository permissions? I am trying to cvs checkout from HEAD several modules, some work, others don't. Modules I can checkout include: ajaxhelper, acs-tcl, acs-datetime, etc. Trying to check out acs-bootstrap-installer, I get a:
cvs server: cannot find module `acs-bootstrap-installer' - ignored
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
Posted by Victor Guerra on
acs-bootstrap-installer belongs to the core packages, therefore there is no alias for that package.

Use the acs-core module instead in order to get it ( this will check you out all core packages ).

Strangely we do have some aliases defined that pointing to core packages, acs-tcl being one of them, I guess we should remove those. Shouldn't we ?