Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error sourcing xowiki-procs.tcl: invalid command name "attribute::exists_p"

I assume, you are using the head version of openacs, which is using the package_dependencies for computing the loading order. My guess is that you might have a package installed, that requires xowiki, causing an early load of xowiki. i don't see another reason how xowiki could be loaded before acs-subsite.

Although acs-subsite is part of acs-core, it seems that an an explicit dependency is needed to force the loading order. i have updated the dependencies in CVS head; please check, if this solves your problem.

if you run the following snipped in the developer shell, you see the loading order...

Hope this helps! -gustaf

set packages [apm_enabled_packages]
set packages_to_load [list]
set _ ""
foreach package_key $packages {
ds_comment "$package_key - [apm_package_load_libraries_order $package_key]"
foreach package_to_load [apm_package_load_libraries_order $package_key] {
if { [lsearch -exact $packages_to_load $package_to_load] == -1 } {
lappend packages_to_load $package_to_load
append _ [join $packages_to_load \n]

I am not using the head version and I'm not allowed to upgrade this instance of OpenACS at the moment. I'm very happy to hear that explicit dependency-based load ordering is implemented in later versions OpenACS. Thanks for the info.