Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problems defining procs

Posted by ultra newb on
Nothing in the error logs except the same error I get when I try to access the page that tests the proc - "name of proc" isn't a procedure. Seems as if the proc is not being defined. If I define it the "normal" way (where I can't hard code info in the proc) it gets defined. If I do it the other way, it apparently doesn't.

If you want to see the actual code, at this point I've degenerated it to a simple "do nothing" proc, which still doesn't work. Here is one that doesn't work:

proc mkt {} [list return hi]

Here is another:

proc mkt {} "return hi"

I will try it the way the other poster recommends, but if that works my question would be why that works, but these other ways don't.