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Posted by John Sequeira on
My apologies Al and Wolfgang. I upgraded the virtual hardware to 5.5 right before VMNT posting and it seems to have confused postgresql and/or AOLServer.

I've got it fixed, but I did several things quickly and non-methodically so I have to test some more to make sure it'll work when others download it (and the IP address changes).

I'll try to get to this today. If any other OpenACS'r would like to help out (by downloading the VM and critiquing it) I would really appreciate it.

[As an aside, since I'm getting about 15-20 downloads/day (~500/mo, 6K/yr), I suspect I've become the main channel for new people finding out about OpenACS and dotLRN (correct me if I'm wrong). ]

Posted by John Sequeira on
Ah -- this one turned out to be subtle.

When the VM boots up, aolserver was starting before postgres, and so couldn't connect.

The services just need to be restarted for you to have a working site.

svc /service/openacs5 -d
svc /service/openacs5 -u


svc /service/dotlrn -d
svc /service/dotlrn -u

Once you do that, just suspend your machine between uses and the boot bug won't strike. To address the issue, I've added (and you can add) the following code to the daemontools run script (/service/openacs5/run and /service/dotlrn/run) to wait until postgresql is alive:

pid=`pidof -s postmaster` 
while !([ $pid ] && /etc/init.d/postgresql status > /dev/null 2>&1) 
        pid=`pidof -s postmaster`
        sleep 1

So you could also redownload the VM and not have the issue. I'm not sure why this hasn't been a problem in the past...

Sorry for the snafu ... you really are close to having working openacs/dotlrn instances. Promise.