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Posted by leigh silvester on
native support for tree queries
Useful tip.

I'm curious, what's your motivation for doing this?

Well you kinda hinted at it when you wrote...
"The OpenACS data model deserves to be stolen by as many other projects (and databases) as possible".

I am developing a new version of a system I have been working on elsewhere which needs a sophisticated object management system at it's core, OpenACS to me looks as if it has that.
It is more the core I am interested - objects, groups, parties and persons management. The APM management also has intersting features which could make maintaing this system and its various add on features more manageable.

A previous version of the system relied on LDAP directory to manage users, organisation, hierarchy and permissions. This might not always be feasible so I have turned to Open ACS to guide me. The original intention was to get to grips with Open ACS and make my own lite version, but the more I got to understand how it was working (although I wouldn't claim to fully understand it) the more I saw it would be silly to strip away various layers.
Does this make sense?