Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ANN: acs-kernel port to MS-SQL Server

Thanks again for another hot tip.
As this requires connection to an Orcale database to perform migration I am currently installing Oracle lite.

One thing has caused me a little confusion is that I am working from SQL for the latest version, whereas you performed migration on an older version.

Consequently the procedures that I am struggling to recreate in MS SQL do not exist in the Oracle version (seem to be present as package components operating in a different way), but are present in the Postgres SQL.
All very confusing.

Shall be interested to see how this migration tool copes with the oracle packages and associated methods.

I know this is probably the wrong place to say it, and I know it is because I am a simple soul who is just starting to get a little out of his depth here, but Oracle is just too f@#$~]g weird! I'm sure it is fantastic once you get to know it.