Forum OpenACS Development: missing index and foreign key constraints on cr_item_publish_audit fixed (postgres)

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Dear all, content_revision__del() uses
  -- Clear the audit
  delete from cr_item_publish_audit
    where old_revision = delete__revision_id
       or new_revision = delete__revision_id;
but there was no index on either old_revision or new_revision. Therefore, on substantial databases, deleting a revision could took many seconds. content_item__del was not affected by this slowness, since it deletes the audit-trail items via item_id.

Furthermore, the foreign key from cr_item_publish_audit (item_id) to cr_items was missing. Therefore it could contain item_ids not present in cr_items. Added as well foreign keys for old_revision or new_revision. I have fixed these issues on cvs head.